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Incident Response and Retainer Services

Get Cybersecurity delivered as a service with 24/7 ransomware and breach prevention services

Rapid Response

Resilience & Immediate Action

Integrity & Collaborative Countermeasures

Are you under attack? We have your back!

Recover Faster

With a designated contact familiar with your environment and dedicated communication pathways to our team, we can ensure quicker and more precise responses in the event of an incident.

Add predictability

With a Incident Response Retainer, you obtain a designated quantity of prepaid credits suited to your budgetary and cybersecurity needs. This model empowers you to determine response-time SLAs that complement your present SecOps, IR capabilities, budget, and strategic goals

Mitigate cyber risk

Should you not exhaust all your retainer credits for incident response, you have the option to allocate them to any cyber Risk Management Services. This allows you to proactively evaluate and fortify your security stance before any potential incident arises.

Benefits of the Incident Response Services Retainer

Faster Response

Pre-arranged service terms and conditions ensure that no time is wasted when responding to an active attacker

Discounted IR Services Rates

Discounted pricing on fixed-fee incident response services means you don't have to worry about hidden remediation costs

Includes Incident Preparedness Resources

A vulnerability assessment report and Health Check help improve your security posture and reduce the likelihood of a breach

Threat Intelligence Briefings

Monthly threat intelligence briefings delivered by incident response experts provide the latest insights and best practices


An intelligence-driven approach to incident response


Define engagement scope

Assess the breadth, severity and nature of the security incident.


Fully understand the incident

Our experts use advanced tools for evidence collection, detection and analysis to flag loCs, TTPs and other clues


Contain and eradicate

We remove the threat with custom eradication strategies and prove maltonicin.


Findings and response assistance

Get a detailed investigation report as well as guidance in implementing additional security control while you get back on your feet.


Improve your security posture

Use lessons learned and apply specific improvements to your security approach to protect against future and similar attacks.


45 Days of Post-Incident Monitoring and Response Services

World-renowned security experts, always in your corner

As an industry-leading threat intelligence, cyber risk management and incident response organization, it's our job to help you prepare and respond to some of the most challenging threats so that your team can get back to business faster. As threats escalate, we act as your trusted partner to advise and strengthen your security strategies.






Our Incident Response Services team is comprised of experts skilled in mitigating active threats. Once a breach or incident is addressed, we transition you to our MDR Analysts Network, ensuring 24/7 threat monitoring, probing, detection, and response services for a duration of 30 days.

Should the same threat — or even a new threat — emerge during that period, Our analysts will respond and eliminate the threat at no additional cost.

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