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EagleView Networks has been offering smart, simple, and trustworthy technology solutions to businesses throughout Southern California and beyond.


We are a company dedicated to ensuring your business receives the highest return on your technology investment. Restoring trust, reducing costs, minimizing downtime and improving customer service is our value.


t’s time for you to worry about running your business and not your IT Department.


That’s where EaglevView can help as your Managed Services provider.

Managed services is the practice of a company likes yours, outsourcing day-to-day IT management and operational responsibilities. The goal is to improve your operations and cut expenses.

Cloud Migration

The ‘Cloud’ is where your business needs to be and Blue Chip can help you get there.

The “Cloud” concept design is, of itself, very simple. It only becomes complex when an organization your company has to choose which type of cloud offering that best meets their needs. 

Let us design and propose the best infrastructure solution for your entry into the cloud.

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